China Xichuan Yamei Carpet Factory is the largest hand-made carpet factory. It was founded in 1972,with more than 3680 employees and 318 technicianss. We specialize in the production of Handmade Persian carpet, artistic silk tapestry, silk and wool carpet. All carpets are made of 100% mulberry silk and 100% hand-made. Especially, the high-grade carpets with more than 500 L are widely used and collected by royal nobles.

The Yamei legend supplies the following products:

1.Handmade carpet / art tapestry / Persian carpet / silk carpet 280 lanes, 300L, 400L, 500L-800 lanes .
Silk&wool carpet / Persian wool blanket 260L, 300 L.
Korean silk carpet / ice silk carpet / plush carpet / 3D, 5D thick filament carpet and pure color series plush carpet.

With the Yamei carpet, enjoy the wealth and dignity alone!

If you want to own the Yamei carpet, please come to Henan Yamei carpet factory in person to feel the artful artistic atmosphere of Yamei women workers and the hospitality of Yamei. We firmly believe that Yamei is your best choice!

In 2008, our factory acquired a large tent and tent manufacturing company. The tent produced by our factory is accurate to within 0.001mm, which is one of the executors of the industry standard. The large tent, industrial tent, Wedding Tent and business tent manufactured by our factory are highly praised by users.

In 2013, our factory built a new furniture factory, specializing in the production of hotel furniture, including high-grade Phoebe beds, mahogany chairs, sofas, tables and other complete sets of solid wood furniture. Products won the favor and promotion of rich people in different countries.

In order to facilitate customers from all over the world, the factory's export department and warehouse moved into Guangzhou in 2008,

which requires hand-made carpets, furniture, tents. You can go to the large warehouse in Guangzhou. You can choose high-quality Persian rich carpet, furniture,tents,awning or enter our


Export department address:No. 163,Kuangquan street, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City.

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